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Welcome to Kodeine University, a new kind of learning. A place were entertainment is the medium used to Teach a new way of life. A perspective of many minds coming together to form a Noospheric existence and help to catalyze the one world consciousness with out the means of fancy gadgets or nanotechnology, but through good ol fashion communication and conversation. So take your time, examine the Course Catalog and register for a few classes. It's all free, paid for of course by advertisers, as with all entertainment, but Advertising, basically pays for 90 percent of the entertainment industry.. Do you feel entertained? Shouldn't entertainers be held accountable, held responsible to step it up a notch? I mean, I realize that is why your here. This is how Advertising CAN pay for relevant, genuine and thought provoking Entertainment!! We're here to help your minds GROW, and we're not trying educate, education is such a sterile, formulated, and engineered kind of growth, here at the Kodeine University, we give you the food and let YOU mold your growth. We believe, for the mental stress put on you by advertisers, we should deliver you with something solid. So, help keep you and your friends entertained, and mentally expanded, Register For Classes! (subscribe to the feeds, and or the email lists.) AND EMAIL us, give us your feedback, and don't be afraid to comment! Your professors WANT to hear from you. 'This isn't your state funded Universtiy. This is KODEINE University.. Where a kid can be a clown'

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Monday, December 29, 2008

Are you aspiring?

Welcome students of great potential to the future. If your like me, your probably dying for real life entertainment that actually delivers. Your sick of seeing ads everywhere you look and getting no quality content as a pay off. Today that ends, and hopefully, you can help bring and end to crap entertainment by contributing. Email us if you've got a contemporary blog with something to say. The curriculum can be anything from cooking with 10 dollars to how to survive on your own in the woods. From the politics of the modern world to the History of the ancient. If you've got something good, we're always on the look out. Thanks again, and students, remember to clown!

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  1. what up xisle.
    cool site and ideas.
    i would be down to work on something together.
    hit me up.



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